Top 10 Plants You Can Choose To Create A Great Look For Your Terrarium

Are you interested in creating your own terrarium? Feeling uncertain about which plants would do well in it? A simple project can get complicated when you ponder how many different plant varieties there are to choose from, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. All you have to do is choose the varieties you like best and consider which would suit your particular terrarium.

Watermelon Peperomia

This is one of my favorite plants for a terrarium. It has leaves which look identical to a watermelon rind. If you’re creating a terrarium to use as a decorative item, this plant will add some pizzazz to your design for sure.

It’s also an excellent choice for a terrarium because it only grows to be eight inches tall. This plant enjoys a moist environment as well.

Starfish Plant

The starfish plant is another favorite of mine. I love unique plants and having them included in a terrarium adds a great deal of glamour.

This plant is unique because it’s shaped like a starfish. It grows to be only six inches tall, which makes it ideal for a terrarium. Also, the leaves will become a lighter or darker green based on how much sunlight they receive.

Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot plants are fun plants to include in a terrarium. As the name suggests, the leaves on the plant look polka-dotted. The leaves can come in different colored varieties, such as pink, red, and silver.

This plant prefers indirect sunlight and moist conditions. However, you’ll need to prune the plant to keep it from growing too large for your terrarium.

Pollyanna Vine

I loved the book and movie, Pollyanna. Such a great family classic. This plant is as classic as the movie. Another name for the Pollyanna Vine is Baby’s Tears. It’s a short green plant which makes it perfect for terrariums.

This plant prefers constant moisture and desires plenty of sunlight. If you’re familiar with this plant, you’ve probably heard what a nightmare it can be when planted out in the open. It will try to take over wherever it grows. When grown in a terrarium you don’t have to worry about this.

Silver Nerve Plant

This plant is a gorgeous, simple plant great for a terrarium. It has a lace-like pattern consisting of green, burgundy, and white colors.

The plant only grows to be about a foot tall and prefers a humid environment with moist conditions. All of this put together makes this plant ideal for most closed-top terrariums.


If you’re concerned you’ll have a difficult time growing a plant in your terrarium because you miss the ‘green thumb gene’ in your family, this plant is for you.

It’s easy to grow and care for. Be sure to place the plant in indirect sunlight, don’t overwater it, and prune it to keep the plant from outgrowing your terrarium container.

Creeping Fig

This plant is a fun option to add to your terrarium. It has heart-shaped leaves and is a climber, making it a great choice for a more substantial terrarium.

You could train the vine to climb objects inside your terrarium for a fun look. This plant prefers indirect sunlight, though. Which means you should be sure it stays in a window around your home.


This plant would be a fantastic addition to any terrarium. The leaves are bright colored, dazzling to the eye, and have a glossy finish which adds plenty of charm.

However, these plants desire light. Keep this in mind when deciding where to place your terrarium. Crotons are a great option for open terrariums since they don’t need quite as much moisture as some other plant varieties.

Friendship Plant

The Friendship Plant is a great variety for your terrarium as well. It only grows to be about a foot tall. It’s a typical terrarium plant meaning it prefers damp (or tropical) conditions.

However, this plant prefers shade. You’ll need to consider this when designing your terrarium to make sure you include like-minded plants in your design.


This particular type of plant has been growing in one person’s closed-bottle terrarium for 53 years! The garden has only been watered one time in all of those years.

If it can grow for this gardener, it can grow for you. The plant is simple in design as it’s made up of long green shoots. Clearly, the plant doesn’t require much to find success with it.