Essential Basics

Define Your Terrarium

There are different types of terrariums, each with unique requirements, benefits, and uses. Learn all about the specification of each terrarium type to develop appropriate conditions for a thriving green space setting.

Planting Question

It is important to know the plants you choose all have the same watering needs. Not all plants are suitable for use in a terrarium. Desert cacti, for instance, really don’t like closed terrariums, but there are many succulents that do. Get to know more.

Caring Maintenance

Terrariums have little maintenance requirements. Look at the light requirements on the label of the plants you have chosen. Learn how to keep the plants desired shape and promote continued growth of your plants.

Taking Care

Terrarium With Succulents

Succulents - plants with thick, fleshy foliage and stems that store water - are by far the most common plants seen in terrariums. Despite an easy-care reputation, succulents still require your attention. Learn how to keep them fresh.

Terrarium With Cacti

All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. For a terrarium with cacti, you can follow identical instructions for your succulent terrarium, with a few adjustments we cover in this topic.

Terrarium With Tropicals

Tropical terrariums are a whole different ball-game. Tropicals are going to eventually outgrow their terrarium enclosure, so keep in mind that you'll eventually need to transplant. Get to know the details of keeping tropicals in a good condition.

Popular Types

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